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$550,000 a year with the EdAssist Pro Solution!
A Look Inside the Numbers
Your Annual Tuition Assistance Spend:

Savings by Category

HR Efficiency
Policy Compliance
Accelerated Learning
Tuition Savings

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Let's Look at the Numbers
Based on actual averages of client savings, we're able to accurately predict measurable savings through:

HR Efficiency Gains

Industry studies show that on average, one full time employee (FTE) is needed per $2 million in annual tuition spend for effective program administration. Administration includes processing requests and payments, reviewing documentation, and responding to employee inquiries.

Tuition Policy Compliance

EdAssist's rigorous documentation review and automated policy enforcement eliminate non-qualifying requests and bundled school fees.

Accelerated Learning

Expert education advisors evaluate your employees' academic goals, helping them maximize their cap, waive classes, and expedite degree completion. 

Tuition Savings

EdAssist’s Network of more than 200 schools offer employees access to special tuition discounts and waived fees, typically 10-20% lower than regular tuition costs.

Cost Savings Are Just the Start

EdAssist helps you transform your tuition assistance program from a standalone benefit into a strategic tool, improving talent management, employee retention, and recruitment.

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