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Look beyond tuition reimbursement administration

EdAssist® helps organizations transform tuition assistance programs into strategic investments that drive employee growth, retention, and engagement. Serving in a consultative role, we bring together the latest best practices, personal advising, intuitive software, and an impressive Education Network to support key business goals while reducing tuition spend and improving program efficiency. Our firm manages more than $420 million in tuition reimbursement a year for more than 120 clients — and saved clients $40 million in tuition assistance spend this year.

EdAssist – a Bright Horizons Solution at Work

For more than 25 years, Bright Horizons has set the standard in work/life programs. Our family of solutions gives leading employers a one-stop resource for proven strategies that can be scaled to address the most significant — and unique — work/life challenges. Bright Horizons offers a full range of work/life solutions, that including employer-sponsored child care, back-up care for children and adults, educational services for employees with school-aged children, and tuition management services through EdAssist. We deliver solid, high-ROI business strategies that dependably and definitively deliver in recruitment, retention, engagement, resilience, overall employee well-being, and sustained productivity.

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