Are you looking to submit a tuition reimbursement request, documentation, or grades and receipts?  Below are some frequently asked questions that will help get you where you need to go.

Where do I learn more about the schools and universities in the EdAssist Education Network?  If you are interested in learning more about the benefits available through the EdAssist Education Network please refer to your educational assistance policy for details about accessing your EdAssist account.

How do I submit my program of study request, submit grades and receipts, and check my tuition assistance status?

Your employer manages its tuition assistance program and reimbursement requests through EdAssist. Every company we work with has a specific portal that you must use to access the EdAssist system, since every policy and tuition cap are different.  

For most companies, this information can be found within your Intranet. Search for “EdAssist," or “Tuition Reimbursement,” or "Tuition Assistance" or browse through your “Benefits” section.

How do I log in to EdAssist?

Be sure to check your company’s Intranet for log in instructions. Oftentimes, there is a link that automatically connects you to the EdAssist portal.

What is my company’s tuition reimbursement policy?

Your company’s Intranet should have your latest policy information. If not, please contact your HR department representative.

I’m having technical issues. How do I contact customer support?

Every company we work with has a specific email and phone line. These are the best ways to reach a representative who is knowledgeable about your organization. Search for EdAssist in your company’s Intranet and connect with EdAssist there.

Your company’s tuition reimbursement policy, flyers, and FAQ documents on tuition reimbursement also includes the phone line number and email address.

Representatives are available 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, and are here to help!

I’d like to schedule or modify my EdAssist advising session. How do I do this?

The best way to reschedule an advising session is to call your company’s designated EdAssist phone line. 

How do I know if my employer has EdAssist? 

If your employer offers EdAssist as a benefit, you may have access to resources to help you make important educational decisions and save money on tuition. To find out if your employer offers EdAssist as a benefit, contact your human resources or benefits department. This information may also be already on your Intranet - search for “EdAssist,” or “Tuition Reimbursement,” or "Tuition Assistance," or browse through your “Benefits” section.

I’m still having issues. How do I get in touch with customer support?

You can send an email to our general inbox; Be sure to use your company email address and your employer’s name.

Please note, it may take up to 48 hours to receive a response. To expedite your request, we highly recommend searching your company Intranet first to find your specific EdAssist phone line and email address.