Attain 80% B.S.N.-prepared nurses by 2020

Hospitals must minimize the effects of the nursing workforce shortage while still ensuring the highest standards in patient care. The “benefit” of tuition assistance can be an untapped solution that can fill skill gaps and offer front-line staff a guided and structured career roadmap. Other benefits include:

Align Tuition Benefits With Business Goals 

Our healthcare educational advisors bring the clinical expertise to create professional development programs that meet each hospital’s current and future core competency needs. By aligning academic programs with talent management goals and automating tuition reimbursement, EdAssist supports nursing workforce preparedness, improves employee satisfaction, and drives down annual tuition spend by 20-30 percent. 

Female employee studying for course funded by employer tuition assistance program

Help Your Nursing Staff Earn Their B.S.N.s and Foster Lifelong Learning

To maintain Magnet® designation, hospitals must ensure that 80 percent or more of their nursing staff earn their B.S.N.s, but how can you do so when nurses face so many barriers to completing their degrees? They have little downtime, let alone the time to research the continuing education options available to them. EdAssist’s academic career and financial aid advisors help solve this problem and can reduce a nurse’s degree cost and completion time by up to 50 percent. Our advisors offer individual guidance and help nurses discover accelerated pathways to earning their degrees. 

Better Understand Employee Educational Preparedness & Progress

With 40 percent of nurses planning to retire in the next 10 years, it's essential that hospitals find ways to enhance current healthcare employees’ professional development, retain their skills, and share institutional knowledge. Our advisors put the infrastructure in place to help clients forecast the educational preparedness of their employees, understand learning outcomes, and make continual program improvements. EdAssist is the only provider in the industry with the reporting and analytics to deliver the exact documentation needed for Magnet® designation.