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Webinar: Grow Your Own: Using Education to Solve 2018’s Talent Challenge

The labor market is the most competitive it’s been in years and internal employee transfers outperform external hires in many key performance metrics. View the webinar to learn about the business case for developing and sourcing talent internally.


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Winning the Competition for Nurses

Download the eBook to get the data on the nurse study that offers answers to healthcare's top talent challenge.


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Five Steps to Designing and Launching a Loan Repayment Program

Download the guide to learn the best practices for creating a high-impact student loan benefit for your organization.


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Webinar: Legislative Update: Student Loan Repayment Assistance

View the webinar replay for the latest on proposed legislation that changes the landscape for student loan repayment, by creating new tax incentives for employers. You’ll learn what the leading legislation looks like and what it means, why loan repayment legislation is gaining steam,and what actions you can take today to be ready.

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Webinar: Building Educational Pathways that Engage and Upskill Employees

View this webinar to learn how employers are forging Education Pathways and Education Allowances to access programs which excite employees, close skill gaps, and increase employee retention.

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eBook: A Path to Talent Sustainability

Download the eBook to learn how strategic education programs can help your organization attract and retain the talent you need.

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Webinar: Closing Skill Gaps: Strategies for Priming Your Talent Pipeline

View this webinar to hear how companies are turning to their existing workforce to fill key roles, and promoting educational opportunities that help employees gain needed skills in new and creative ways.

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5 Keys to Strategic Tuition Assistance

Learn how five aspects of a tuition assistance program can better contribute to your business goals.
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WEBINAR: Enhance Tuition Assistance: Leverage Higher Ed

Universities – and other education providers – are a vital part of your tuition assistance program. Selecting the right schools can help your employees hone the skills your business needs, when you need them. In this webinar, you'll learn why corporate-university partnerships are an untapped opportunity for HR, and how your business can achieve better outcomes without bigger tuition budgets.

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WEBINAR: Student Loan Benefits: Three Emerging Models

Learn about three of the most common program designs for student loan repayment benefits and how each can be tailored to support specific talent management goals.

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Webinar: Adapting Education Benefits to Meet Business Demands

Learn how Baylor College of Medicine attracts the best talent and invests in retaining them through tailored education supports.

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How Hospitals are Helping Employees Tackle Medical School Debt

This article by EdAssist's Georgio Bantos, originally published to HR Pulse Magazine, takes a look at how healthcare organizations are confronting the educational debt being taken on by recent graduates entering the workforce.

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Report: 5 Ways to Fine-tune Your Tuition Assistance Program

Learn 5 ways to turn your tuition assistance program into an important and sustainable resource for talent.

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Generating Interest: College Debt's Toll on American Workers

A new survey from EdAssist reports on the responses of more than 1,000 employees with student loans and finds that when it comes to student debt, everyone is paying a steep price.

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Webinar: Adapting Education Benefits

Healthcare providers are facing talent pressures from all sides. With recruitment costs and vacancies both steadily climbing, new answers are needed. Watch the webinar to learn innovative ways that education providers are helping healthcare professionals develop new skills, keep current, and advance their careers.

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In Demand: Tuition Assistance

Learn the key findings from the survey of more than 4,400 employees on how tuition assistance programs have impacted their decisions to join, stay with, and and grow at a company.

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WEBINAR: Fine-tune Your Tuition Assistance Program

Watch this webinar for a guided tour on optimizing your tuition program and policy based on the latest best practices, industry standards, and education trends.

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Advantages of Partnering with a Tuition Assistance Provider

Learn the 10 key benefits to outsourcing your tuition assistance program.

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Breakthrough Benefit: Student Loan Assistance

When approaching employee rewards with a fresh perspective, the first place to look is the opportunity to make the biggest impact on your employees' personal and professional lives. Increasingly, your biggest opportunity to contribute is in the area of college debt. Read the report from Sharlyn Lauby, author of HR Bartender and President of ITM Group Inc.

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4 Keys to an Effective Student Loan Program

Learn how to outcompete your peers for top talent by asking these 4 key questions.

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Webinar: New Research: Employee Education Improves Talent Outcomes

Watch this webinar to learn how education programs positively impact employee engagement, retention, and career advancement. 

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Webinar: Understanding the Rise of Student Loan Assistance

Watch this webinar to look behind the headlines on employer-sponsored student loan programs: how they work, why they're on the rise, and what factors you should consider if you’re thinking about offering one.

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Webinar: Beyond Reimbursement: Education Assistance as a Talent Management Tool

Watch this webinar for practical tips on leveraging tuition assistance to advance your learning and development and talent management goals.

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Webinar: Get Smart: Perfect Your Tuition Assistance Program

How can you transform your existing tuition assistance program into a valuable talent management tool? Watch our webinar to hear the five keys to a successful program, including how to fix common problems, rally support from leadership, and more.

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Video: Learning While Doing: Using the Office as a Classroom

The average employee spends 1.5 hours planning his or her career annually, compared to 22 hours planning vacations. We see among our clients that only 5% of employees eligible for tuition assistance actually use it. And we know that employees, employers, and universities are all unsure as to who actually owns career development. So how do we actually support our employees' and our own professional development by learning while we work?

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Download Study: Key to Attracting Millennials

EdAssist talked to more than 1,000 Millennials, and our new report offers insights into how Millennials are making job decisions, why career development is so important to them, and why new programs like loan repayment are really catching their eye.  

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Webinar: Unleashing the "M" Factor: New Research on What Millennials Want at Work

What do Millennials want? It's the question being asked in every executive suite and human resources office today. As Baby Boomers move out and Millennials move in, a new study from EdAssist® reveals the opportunities and benefits Millennials want most, and how employers can best cater to their needs. Watch our webinar to hear from MasterCard's Chief Learning Officer Janice Burns as she discusses Millennial hot topics such as pay raises, professional development, and financial security. Plus, tangible takeaways on how your organization can better recruit, retain, and develop this growing cohort.

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WEBINAR: Labor Shortages, Education, and Tomorrow’s Workforce

Address Coming Labor Shortages Head-On

Baby Boomers are retiring at a rapid clip, impacting labor costs and employee attrition rates, particularly in skills labor fields, such as healthcare and STEM. Listen to this webinar to hear guest speaker Gad Levanon from The Conference Board provides practical advice on employing tuition assistance to tackle these labor shortages head-on.

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REPORT & WEBINAR: "Who Really Owns Career Development—The Employee or Employer?"

Uncover Employees' Motivations & Challenges In Using Tuition Assistance Program Benefits

Continuous career planning and skill building are necessities in today's shifting landscape, yet there are major disconnects between the expectations and actions of employees and managers. A recent survey of employees and managers involved with tuition assistance uncovered opportunities to strengthen education pathways in a way that supports both employees' career planning goals and employers' needs.

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REPORT & WEBINAR: "Best Practices for Maximizing a Key Talent Investment"

Discover 10 Methods to Fully Leverage Your Tuition Assistance Program

Organizations are increasingly aligning their tuition assistance programs with their talent management strategies. That's just one of the findings from Bersin by Deloitte’s latest survey of HR professionals at 300 organizations. This quantitative and qualitative report reveals how organizations are using their tuition assistance programs to acquire new talent, enhance employee mobility and performance, and increase retention rates.

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WEBINAR: "The ROI of Tuition Assistance — Driving Employee Performance"

Learn How to Transform Your Tuition Administration From a Benefit to a Strategic Tool

Large organizations are experiencing an impressive return on their investment in employee training programs. What traditionally had been seen as an employee benefit has now become a strategic way to build internal skill sets. Through in-depth case studies, this webinar highlights how professional development programs can support talent management goals and drive employee retention. In this engaging session, Sprint explains how tuition assistance is instilling a greater work ethic and sense of loyalty among front-line employees, while Cincinnati Children's Hospital discusses techniques for building a highly skilled clinical workforce.

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REPORT: "EdAssist's Annual Review of Employer Tuition Assistance Programs"

Information, Best Practices & Trends in Tuition Assistance Management

U.S. companies spend $21.9 billion annually on education assistance programs and are increasingly using these initiatives to support talent management needs. At EdAssist, we track and report on trends in tuition assistance and best practices. In this latest benchmark report, you'll learn about tuition assistance strategies for acquiring new talent, new education pathways for employees, emerging tuition assistance policies, strategies for employee outreach, spending trends by industry, and recent program utilization rates.

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WEBINAR: "The Changing Education Landscape & Its Impact on Employees"

Explore New Innovations That Impact Employee Education

Discover how to make sense of the confusing array of new learning innovations and how your business can make the most of these to improve internal skill sets, increase retention, and engage employees. This practical webinar covers the impact of learning innovations on tuition assistance policies, best practices for solving skills gaps, and industry best practices.

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REPORT: "Innovative Approaches to Manage Your Tuition Program Spend"

Achieve Significant Savings on Tuition Assistance With Alternative Learning Methods

Although tuition costs are on the rise, employers have new opportunities to both reduce costs and gain more value for their tuition dollars. Alternative learning experiences and credit-granting opportunities are radically shifting the education landscape for adult learners. In this latest report, EdAssist outlines these learning innovations and shares the potential savings they can bring to employers.

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REPORT: "The Value of Tuition Assistance"

Explore Highly Effective Ways to Create a Skilled & Engaged Workforce

In this first-ever macro-level study of the value of tuition assistance, Capella University and the ROI Institute demonstrate that professional development initiatives are a highly effective way to create a skilled and engaged workforce. This report outlines how professional development programs are evolving, where employers are seeing the most value from these programs, and what strategies are most effective for measuring ROI.

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REPORT: "The Market Price of Tuition"

Get Practical Advice on Assessing Continuing Education Costs

Until recently, most businesses had little means to measure the impact of the millions of dollars they were spending each year on tuition assistance programs. For companies that value tuition as an investment, it is imperative that they gain a true picture of the return on investment. To support this goal, the Council for Adult & Experiential Learning and Bellevue University's Human Capital Lab collaborated to explore the most effective techniques for gauging ROI. Through real-world case studies, they illustrate how organizations can fully understand the market value of tuition assistance and measure its ability to support long-range business goals.

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