Tuition costs at public, four-year colleges rose 9% in a single year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Plus, the demand for college-educated workers is rising, but 60% of adults older than 27 lack an associate degree or higher.

Discover how rapid changes in the world of higher education are affecting your organization. There is a wealth of new learning innovations emerging that can bring new opportunities for you and your business. Discover the ways many organizations are leveraging new programs, such as competency-based learning and prior learning assessments, to help employees develop new skills — and ultimately to help build and retain key talent.

In this insightful webinar, Mark Ward, vice president and general manager of EdAssist, and Jay Titus, EdAssist's senior director of academic and student support, explore:

  • The latest innovations in education and their impact on tuition assistance policies.
  • Best practices for solving skills gaps.
  • Key industry benchmarks.
  • Cost-saving opportunities to maximize ROI from tuition assistance programs.