As Baby Boomer employees are retiring, more Millennials are entering the workforce. And it turns out, this younger generation is much more than meets the eye. Many early perceptions of Millennials turned out to be myths. To help organizations understand this distinctly different generation, EdAssist conducted a survey about Millennials and their perspectives at work.

Meet this distinctly different generation

This insightful webinar covers the survey findings, plus MasterCard’s real-world experiences hiring Millennials. Hear from EdAssist Vice President Mark Ward and MasterCard Chief Learning Officer Janice Burn about key attributes that Millennials share when it comes to loyalty, entitlement, benefits, and education. This knowledge is helping organizations to formulate plans for compensation and benefits that attract and retain top talent.

In this session, we’ll address pressing questions employers want to know, including:

  • Why do Millennials matter so much?
  • Are Millennials loyal to their employer?
  • Do Millennials expect to earn bonuses and promotions, regardless of performance?
  • What benefits do Millennials value the most?
  • How do Millennials prioritize professional development opportunities in the workplace?