Tuition assistance offers a powerful means to keep employees engaged and to significantly improve their job performance. To gauge the true value of tuition assistance, Capella University, EdAssist, and the ROI Institute developed the first-ever macro-level study of the subject. The findings in "The Value of Tuition Assistance" demonstrate that employers see tuition assistance leading to a more skilled and engaged workforce and that employees view tuition assistance as a valued benefit.

Key findings:

  • More than 94% of study respondents reported that the knowledge gained from using the tuition benefit was useful to their job.
  • 88% of respondents reported increased engagement and organizational commitment.
  • Job proficiency (skillfulness in the command of job responsibilities) improved by more than 63%.

The report follows the evolution of tuition benefits from a business expense into a strategic investment, and looks closely at how tuition policies have shifted in response. These shifts have increased the value of tuition assistance in its ability to support recruitment and retention strategies.

In this insightful report, you'll discover:

  • Where businesses are seeing the most value for their tuition assistance spend.
  • How to evaluate a tuition assistance program.
  • Employees' perceptions of tuition assistance benefits.