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Improve your faculty's and staff’s experience

Colleges and universities spend millions of dollars a year on tuition assistance and scholarship programs for faculty, staff, and their dependents. While these programs are designed to help attract and retain top talent, the sheer magnitude of program administration can weigh down the process and diminish the faculty and staff experience. EdAssist Scholars makes it easy to administer employee and dependent scholarship and tuition assistance programs all in one automated application. With this self-service application, you can automate application submissions, approvals, and payments — significantly reducing program costs and improving employee satisfaction.

Gain insight into tuition assistance program results

With EdAssist Scholars, you can analyze program spend and outcomes in a single, cost-effective system. The software makes it easy to understand program usage and benefit from suggestions for program improvement. Clients save an average of 15% a year on tuition spend.

Ensure tuition program compliance

Compliance specialists and rules-based technology ensure that all tuition reimbursement and direct pay transactions are audited and are compliant with your institution’s policies.

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