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Our Education Network

EdAssist’s extensive network of educational partnerships provides our clients’ employees access to affordable degree and non-degree programs that are aligned with their professional development goals and the organization’s talent development needs.

EdAssist also partners with a number of progressive educational institutions and learning providers that offer educational testing preparation and monitoring, online learning, and educational coaching.  

Explore our Network of Partners

Exclusive Tuition Discounts

By strategically developing an education network geared toward working professionals, EdAssist can negotiate great tuition discounts. Our education network includes more than 200 colleges, universities, and professional development partners offering significant tuition reductions, waived fees, and other special incentives. This allows us to negotiate tuition discounts of 10-25%. And compounded throughout your workforce, this means significantly increasing the value of your tuition assistance program.


Many of our network schools extend the same tuition discounts to your employees’ immediate family members or offer other additional savings. With education debt now a leading cause of stress and distraction, our education network is a highly valued boon to your employees’ overall financial wellness.


Personalized Advising

Even with access to a network of select education partners, making the right choice can be a challenge. All EdAssist programs include expert, objective, one-on-one advising for employees.  Personalized education plans provide the quickest, most cost-effective road to desired skills taking into consideration any previous college credits, training or certifications – often saving an employee months of time and thousands of dollars.


We make it easy for employees to make the best education decisions to meet their strategic goals – and yours.

Marketing the Benefit

EdAssist helps many clients set up education fairs, which are opportunities to introduce them to education network partners, educate employees about professional development opportunities, explain tuition reimbursement policies, and provide them with education and financial aid assistance. EdAssist client employees can also attend our annual virtual education fair – an opportunity to connect with schools and EdAssist advisors live, as well as to view keynote presentations and learn the latest trends in education.  Our client’s employees are not required to choose from within the education network, it is simply an additional benefit to help get the most out of their tuition dollars.