Why Outsource Your Tuition Assistance Program?

  1. Delivers savings from Education Network, effective academic and career development, and improved policy compliance that pay for much of tuition assistance program expenses.
  2. Improves accuracy and efficiency with tuition program administration through a fully automated and configured system.
  3. Offers secure, web-based system that is self-service, reducing employee requests and frustration.
  4. Provides access to expert academic, career, and finance advisors who guide employees to the best possible educational choices that align with corporate objectives and recruiting needs.
  5. Ensures adherence to tuition policy consistently across the organization with specialized compliance.
  6. Alleviates costly and time-consuming burden on internal resources, allowing those resources to focus on higher-priority projects.
  7. Offers easy and immediate access to program data for valuable analysis and measurement of business impact/ROI.
  8. Ensures consistent levels of customer service during peak processing periods.
  9. Allows immediate access to a repository of documentation (grades and receipts) for auditing purposes.
  10. Provides assistance with setting up agreements with accredited schools to provide tuition discounts, waived fees, and prior learning credit — reducing tuition program costs.