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Healthcare and Magnet ®-Designated Hospitals

Hospitals — in particular Magnet®-designated healthcare organizations — use EdAssist to turn their tuition assistance program into a healthcare career mobility tool that aligns current and future skills gaps while fostering improved employee engagement and retention. Our in-house Magnet®-certified consultant helps hospitals transform their existing tuition programs into professional development programs that result in more educated caregivers and higher standards of patient care.

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Defense & Aerospace Industries

Defense and aerospace operations need the most advanced technology and up-to-date intelligence. Rapid technological changes and expanding demands require your employees to be at the top of their game. EdAssist helps defense and aerospace industries maintain a competitive advantage by cultivating researchers, innovators, engineers, operators, and maintenance personnel capable of designing, developing, testing, operating, and supporting advanced technologies. 

EdAssist has educational advisors specifically focused on the defense and aerospace industry; an Education Network that includes many top-ranking engineering schools; and a complete understanding of how military training, active duty benefits, and prior learning credits can accelerate an employee’s academic journey.

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Energy, Retail & Consumer Goods

Retail, hospitality, and consumer goods businesses consult with EdAssist to turn their tuition reimbursement programs into strategic talent management tools. By offering tuition program consulting to clients, as well as one-on-one educational advising to clients’ employees, EdAssist enables organizations to attract and retain outstanding talent, transition employees in all phases of their careers, and provide outstanding visibility into the ROI of the tuition reimbursement benefit.

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Insurance & Financial Services

Accredited professional certifications are mainstays in the financial services and insurance industry. Whether it's claims, underwriting, IT/systems, or financial services, our educational advisors have the experience to guide employees to the right training that helps insurance and financial services companies' bottom line. This includes certifications, certificates, and degree programs that align with talent management goals and foster improved employee retention and growth. In addition, using advanced analytics, companies have greater insight into learning outcomes and how well this is mapping to strategic recruiting and career development goals.