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Expert Academic Advising

Academic and financial advisors help employees achieve their professional goals while reducing costs and time to completion.

Expansive Education Network

Clients benefit from reduced tuition costs and other savings provided by our network of 220 education partners.

Automated Tuition Program Management

EdAssist's software streamlines and automates tuition reimbursements and even allows for direct-pay to colleges and universities. This significantly reduces the cost of managing tuition assistance programs for companies.

Tuition Assistance Program HR Consulting

Clients receive expert advice on gaining maximum value from their tuition assistance programs to improve professional development.

Employer-Sponsored Loan Repayment Program

Directly pay down your employees' student loan debt and learn how you can differentiate your recruitment, compensation, and benefits package and secure the best talent.

EdAssist Scholars

EdAssist Scholars makes it easy to administer employee and dependent scholarship and tuition assistance programs all in one automated application.