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Aligning Organization & Employee Goals

Employees receive expert academic advice and support to help them choose the best path for furthering their education. EdAssist’s academic and college finance advisors come with years of experience in higher education and workforce development, and interact one-on-one with your employees to help them obtain the education they need to develop their careers, and you need to move your company forward. To accelerate learning, advisors develop personalized education plans that help these working learners identify the school and program offerings that are right for them. Not only do your employees find support with their personal career goals, but your organization benefits from achieving desired learning outcomes more quickly. 

Advising Employees on Debt and Paying for College

Everyone is concerned about the skyrocketing cost of tuition. EdAssist’s college finance advisors help employees prepare financially for going back to school. As former directors of financial aid, these professionals are adept at helping people stretch their tuition dollars to find savings and reimbursement opportunities. They work closely with individual college-bound employees to identify scholarships and grants, navigate state, federal, and private aid programs, and fully understand their debt commitment and management.

Our advisor team can also help your employees navigate the waters of existing student loan debts, as part of our loan assistance program.  Collectively, this in-depth guidance relieves major concerns about debt and education payments, better aligns individual learning plans with your company’s skill needs, and improves completion rates for those going back to school. 

Addressing the Changing Education Landscape for Working Professionals

The education landscape can be extremely difficult to navigate, especially for working learners who are juggling multiple priorities. In addition to choosing from hundreds of different degree programs, students now may also consider certifications, competency- and skills-based programs, non-credit programs, and other training options. Our advisors are skilled at navigating these learning opportunities and ensuring that your employees are making the right educational decisions. 

Creating Personalized Learning Plans

EdAssist helps businesses align education investments with workforce and talent management objectives. As part of this strategic approach, EdAssist advisors create individualized plans for employees that drive higher employee value, motivation, and retention. Each plan is customized to fit an organization’s individual goals, and includes program benchmarking and tips on minimizing costs and effort, all aimed at achieving the best learning outcomes for your organization. 

ROI of Academic and College Finance Advising

By applying techniques that reduce the time to complete a degree, and finding programs more convenient for an employee’s schedule and better suited to career goals, academic advising contributes significantly to the ROI of your education assistance program. The net results are increased completion rates, greater attainment of the skills your business needs most, and improved financial well-being for your employees. Whether you are a tuition assistance client or working with EdAssist on a student loan benefit, our advisors can help your employees with budgeting and payment strategies that help them get the education they need at a price they can afford.