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Reduce Administrative Burden

Your team members no longer need to manually review individual tuition reimbursement requests or struggle to create reports, which can lead to significantly reduced administration costs. EdAssist’s intuitive application removes paperwork, reduces errors, automatically verifies eligibility, and ensures tax compliance. The application is configured to your existing tuition policy and supports all payment methods, including reimbursements, prepayments, and direct billing.

Improve Policy Compliance

Our sophisticated rules-based technology ensures that your tuition policy is applied across all reimbursement or direct pay requests consistently and that every transaction is accurate. Our compliance specialists then undertake a more detailed review of tuition reimbursement or direct pay documentation to ensure everything is being processed according to the company policy and government regulations. 

Gain Greater Program Visibility

EdAssist reporting tools provide vital analytics about tuition program spending and ROI, as well as real-time access to the status of tuition reimbursement requests. Fully compatible with your human resources and payroll information systems, this secure, easy-to-use tool gives you visibility into your tuition assistance program. You can see in an instant which schools employees are attending, the programs of study they are pursuing, where you’re spending tuition dollars, and more.