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Gain Unbiased & Independent Program Consulting

Tuition assistance programs typically cost businesses millions of dollars, yet many organizations haven't had the benefit of a strategic review for years. EdAssist’s HR consulting practice provides an informed, impartial view that helps you measure program effectiveness, reduce unnecessary expenses, and realize new program efficiencies.

Having partnered with more than 120 businesses and reviewed hundreds of policies across industries, EdAssist has gained unparalleled access to best practices, industry benchmarks, and academic insight. We apply this knowledge, as well as research conducted with leading education experts, to bring about measurable program improvements and to optimize your investment in tuition assistance.

Whether you are looking to develop a new policy, update your existing one, or develop a new program to meet your ever-changing workforce development needs, EdAssist HR consultants can provide you with the support and best practices to help meet your organization’s goals.

Support Talent Management Goals

In addition to our ROI emphasis, EdAssist helps you align your tuition assistance program with your corporate and talent management objectives. Our experienced consultants bring the vision and practical direction to:
  • Build a strong talent and leadership pipeline.
  • Improve employee retention and engagement.
  • Turn employees into top performers.
  • Measure the effect of tuition assistance on talent metrics.

Develop & Retain Employees & Their Critical Skill Sets

EdAssist develops tailored tuition assistance programs to help you develop employees with skill sets that are crucial to every aspect of your business. Whether you are looking to address the impending retirement of baby boomer employees, have identified key skills shortages, or are otherwise concerned about knowledge transfer, we can help you. EdAssist ensures that your tuition assistance program promotes the skills and training needed to achieve employee development and retention, building a workforce with strong institutional knowledge that supports your company’s future growth.

Navigate the Changing Education Landscape

The continuing education landscape consists of a confusing array of choices, including certification programs, competency-based programs, skills-based programs, and credit by examination. Choosing the right professional development programs to approve for tuition reimbursement improves learning outcomes and furthers talent management goals. EdAssist advisors are skilled at navigating new learning innovations and helping you integrate them into your tuition assistance program.